Is Your Concrete Septic Tank Failing? 3 Problems To Look For With Older Septic Systems

12 August 2017
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Not long ago, concrete septic tanks where the most commonly used for private waste treatment systems for homes. Today, there are many alternatives and concrete tanks are becoming obsolete. If you have an older septic system, then the concrete tank may be the cause of problems and failure. Here are some of the problems that you will want to watch out for with concrete tanks and old septic systems:

1. Poor Installation of Old Pipes That Degrade or Fail

Older septic systems have materials that are made of different materials. In addition to the concrete tank, the pipes that were used at the time of installation may also be outdated. Old septic systems often have tar paper pipes, which are vulnerable to decay and collapse. When replacing or repairing an old tank, ask the septic installation service about the type of materials used in existing pipes and weather it is worth the investment to have the complete system replaced. Replacing the pipes that are likely to fail will help prevent problems with the new septic tank.

2. Cracks in The Aging Concrete Causing Leaks 

Concrete ages and when it does, it may begin to crack. One of the most common problems with concrete tanks is a leak that develops due to cracking. Sometimes, the leaks can be solved by retrofitting the tank with a modern liner. If the tank is not structurally sound, then the best option will probably be to completely have the tank replaced. If there is moisture seeping up from your septic tank in your lawn, then this is likely due to leaks and cracked concrete, which needs to be repaired. Other signs of leaks include the tank filling with solids and backed up pipes.

3. The Degrading of Concrete Baffles Causing Septic System Problems

Septic systems are complicated waste treatment systems that separate waste as it breaks down by bacteria. Inside a concrete septic tank there are baffles that help separate waste at different stages in the treatment process. Over time, the concrete baffles can degrade and may even disappear from a concrete septic tank. When this happens, the baffles will need to be replaced or you will need to completely replace the tank.

These are some tips to help you identify problems with a failing concrete septic tank. Contact a septic service, like Gotta Go Green, to help with repairs or replacement of your outdated septic system when these problems begin to surface.