Setting Up Portable Restroom Facilities For Homecoming Weekend: Three Things To Know

6 December 2017
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Whether you operate a high school or college, chances are you plan for homecoming weekend every year. Extra visitors to the game and lots of people attending the dance and after parties means you'll need to plan or personal hygiene and sanitation concerns. If your school doesn't have enough facilities to accommodate everyone in attendance, here are some tips to use for renting portable toilets.

Convenient Placement

You'll want to place your portable toilets near the entrance to the stadium stands. Consider a location in between the stands and the concession area so people can easily access everything they will need during halftime. You should plan on placing extra toilets near the home stands, while you can typically get away with fewer in the visitor section. Be sure that the placement won't interfere with foot traffic heading to and from the stands by placing them off to the side of the main path

Levels Of Facilities

There are many different types of portable toilets to choose from. For the actual game, consider the simple toilet units that feature closing doors and privacy roofs. These smaller options let you fit more toilets in a row to accommodate the large number of spectators you will have at the game. You'll also want to rent handicap-accessible toilets to help ensure your event follows any regulations your school must abide by for accessibility. If you anticipate lots of families, consider renting at least a couple of units that have baby changing stations. For alumni parties, formal dances, or other more upscale events, opt for portable restroom trailers, which typically feature vanities, running water, and flushing toilets.

Hygiene Accessories

Giving people a way to wash up after using the portable toilets is essential for ensuring the comfort level of people attending your homecoming events. Consider adding portable hand-washing stations, which can be used near the toilets as well as near your concession stand area. Another option is to ask your toilet rental facility to install hand sanitizer dispensers inside of each portable toilet. Ideally, combining these two options offers convenience for people who want to feel clean after using the toilet facilities.

Your portable toilet rental company can help you to determine how many toilets you will need for the game and any after parties you might be hosting. If you are planning to sell tickets in advance for any of these events, use the ticket sales to help determine your expected number of guests, as this can be helpful in determining your portable toilet needs.

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