How Porta Potties Get The Job Done

29 December 2017
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Most people who have ever gone to a large event, or went camping out in the woods, have encountered a porta potty. Porta potties are a genius invention that allow one to use the restroom without the use of water or plumbing to get rid of the waste. Although many people have used porta potties, most people don't know how they work.

Portable Toilets Have Unique External Designed

It is not an accident that most portable toilets look similar to one another. Portable toilets are made out of lightweight plastics that are also really strong. These plastics are easy to clean and sanitize.

If you look upwards, you may notice that portable toilets generally have translucent roofs. The roof is made out of translucent material in order to allow natural light into the portable restroom, getting rid of the need for electricity within the restroom.

The flooring is generally made out of rubber. Rubber flooring provides a stable base for the portable toilet and can be designed to be non-slip.

Finally, all portable toilets include a specially designed ventilation system. This ventilation system is designed to pull odors out of the portable toilet so that the stench doesn't become unbearable.

Portable Toilets Use Specific Chemicals

Each portable toilet is equipped with three different types of chemicals. The first chemical that you may notice within a portable toilet is the bright blue dye that is used in the toilet bowl. The bright blue dye is designed to hide your waste, which makes the toilet more aesthetically appealing to use.

The second chemical are fragrant chemicals. These fragrant chemicals are designed to help keep portable toilets smelling good.

Finally, there are biocides that are includes in the water. The biocides are designed to break down the waste and get rid of bacteria in the waste.

Portable Toilets Break Down Your Waste

Portable toilets are designed to hold waste in the holding tank. The chemicals listed above help break down the waste while managing the appearance and odor associated with the waste. The waste is vacuumed out of unit by potty service technicians who remove the waste and make sure the inside of the portable toilet is kept clean. The longer the waste sits in the toilet, the more the bacteria should break down inside of the toilet.

Portable toilets are specifically designed and engineered to provide you with a clean bathroom environment that requires the minimum amount of upkeep. They are a great alternative to regular bathrooms for events and spaces where a regular restroom doesn't work.  Contact a company, like RCS Inc, for more help.