2 Mistake To Avoid When Selecting A Spot For Your New Septic Tank

23 February 2018
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If you are planning on scheduling a septic system installation, you may be uncertain as to where you should place the septic tank. While trying to pick out a spot, avoid making the following mistakes that could lead to disaster in the future.

Placing the Septic Tank Near a Tree

When scoping out a location for your septic tank, you may find a small clearing on your property that is surrounded by trees. Since the space seems large enough to place the tank, you may think this would be a good spot for it.

However, if you put the septic tank anywhere near a tree, you run the risk of having the roots penetrate either the tank or the pipes. And just because it looks clear from above ground does not mean the root system does not spread deep and wide beneath the clearing. When planning your location, choose one that is well away from any trees.

Putting the Tank at the Bottom of a Hill

If your house sits on top of a small hill, you may think placing the septic tank at the bottom of the slope would be a good spot. It would place the septic tank far enough away from your house, so you would not have to worry about it being too close, right?

Placing the septic tank at the bottom of a hill is a mistake you should avoid at all cost. Since water runs off the hill, the excess water would fill the tank.

If you have a few days of heavy rain, the tank may overflow, causing a backup in your system. The waste water would also contaminate the soil around it, causing a health hazard for your household as well as for your neighbors.

When choosing a place for your septic tank, try to place it on the highest ground possible to reduce the risk of it flooding. Or you could also choose a spot that is completely level all the way around so that the tank is not exposed to water run off.

Not making the above mistakes while planning the location of your new septic tank can help save you problems in the future. If you are uncertain about where you should place the tank and need further guidance, speak with the service that will be performing your septic tank installation so they can survey your property and help you pick out the ideal spot.