Planning A Weekend Event? Learn How To Keep Your Portable Bathroom Rentals Clean

10 October 2019
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Whether it is a carnival, music festival, or another event, over the course of a weekend, the portable restroom stations will withstand a fair amount of abuse. However, the patrons at your event will still expect to find clean, accommodating bathrooms, day after day. Fortunately, there are some practical measures you can take to help make the task of keeping the units clean, easier.

Overestimate the Crowd Size

As you start to get feedback about attendance for your event, always keep your estimate on the higher end of the spectrum. You should never underestimate the crowd size, and in turn, schedule the delivery of fewer bathroom units than you need.

It's always better to have one or two more units than you might need. Too few units mean more traffic, and more traffic means that the units can become dirty faster. A rental specialist can help you determine the number of units you need based on your anticipated crowd size.

Include Handwashing Stations

Always include handwashing stations as part of your portable bathroom rental agreement. Handwashing stations promote a sense of cleanliness and can help limit the amount of dirt and bacteria that are transferred around the units.

Handwashing stations can be installed directly next to the units or you can rent an all-in-one unit that includes several stalls, as well as a handwashing station contained inside a trailer-like structure. Task an event team member about keeping extra soap and paper towels under the station so that you don't have to worry about running out.

Arrange Units Strategically

Be mindful of where you arrange the portable units around the property of the event. First, if the event is in the middle of the summer, keep the units in a shaded area. Placing a unit in the direct sun will cause the smell to ramp up very quickly. Second, ensure the units are placed on an even surface. Even a slight slope along the ground can cause the waste to leak from the unit.

Lastly, keep the units in a highly visible area, such as along a walkway. The more out in the open the unit, the more likely someone is to be mindful about how they treat the bathroom since there will likely be other people nearby.

From ensuring you have enough units to adding handwashing stations to your rental, a portable restroom rental company can handle all your needs.