Problems With Your Well? It Could Be The Pressure Tank

5 December 2019
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Your well uses a complex system to deliver underground water to your home every single day. You might not even fully understand what all the components are that make a well work. If a problem comes up, one potential part that may be failing is the pressure tank. Here is what you need to know about this crucial component of your well if it were to fail.

Why Pressure Tanks Can Be Waterlogged

A common problem that can occur to a pressure tank is that it becomes waterlogged. This is when the tank has too much water in it where it cannot provide pressure for your well water. This problem comes up when there are mineral deposits that collect on the inside of the pressure tank, which makes it very hard for pressure to build in it.

Unfortunately, fixing this kind of damage to a pressure tank is not very practical. The labor involved to take apart the pressure tank, clean the inside, and then reassemble the tank is not practical. That is why many homeowners replace the pressure tank if it becomes waterlogged. 

How Air Leaks Can Be Found

Another potential problem with the pressure tank is an air leak, which can be found in the lines that are used to supply air to the tank. If you have an air leak, the overall performance of the pressure tank will be very limited. If you do not have the problem repaired soon, it can cause the entire pressure tank to fail. Thankfully, the processes of finding and fixing a leak is not hard to do if caught early enough.

The best way to find a leak in a supply line is to cover it with soapy water. If there is any place where air is leaking out, bubbles should form on the line. You can patch small leaks using rubber cement as long as you shut down the air prior to applying it. If not, the hole won't close due to the air pushing out from the line. Let the rubber cement dry for 1 hour before you turn the air back on.

These are just two problems that can happen with your well water that are related to the pressure tank. If you're running into other problems that you cannot diagnose and repair on your own, reach out to a local well repair service like Eckmayer Inc. They'll be able to do what it takes to get your water flowing again