3 Things New Septic Tank Owners Must Know

2 September 2018
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Have you recently purchased a home with a septic tank? Are you worried about harming the tank and causing damage to the system accidentally? The good news is that having a septic tank is, in many ways, just like having a hookup to a city sewer system. There are a few differences, but they're typically minor enough that you won't really notice. But there are definitely a few things that you need to know about, some of which include the following. Read More 

Your Septic System Alarm – Knowing The Basics

4 May 2018
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Your septic system is equipped with an alarm. This alarm is meant to alert you of any problems that occur within the system prior to it filling your home with backflow. How does this alarm work and what do you do if it sounds? How the Alarm Works Inside the septic tank, the pump is equipped with a floater. This floater rises with the waste water as the level increases inside the tank. Read More 

When Should You Have Your Septic Tank Pumped Out?

14 March 2018
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If you don't have a septic tank, you may not know much about them; things like when it should be emptied, how to know when it's full, or how to maintain it are probably questions for which you don't have an answer. If you've moved into a home that has a septic tank, you really should know the answer to these questions. Read on for information about septic tanks, including when you should have it pumped out and other helpful tips. Read More 

2 Mistake To Avoid When Selecting A Spot For Your New Septic Tank

23 February 2018
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If you are planning on scheduling a septic system installation, you may be uncertain as to where you should place the septic tank. While trying to pick out a spot, avoid making the following mistakes that could lead to disaster in the future. Placing the Septic Tank Near a Tree When scoping out a location for your septic tank, you may find a small clearing on your property that is surrounded by trees. Read More 

Septic Tank Odor Control

25 January 2018
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A septic tank shouldn't smell if it was properly installed and has been well maintained since. Therefore, if your tank has smelled since it was installed, then the installer probably didn't do a good work. However, if the smell only started some time after installation, then poor maintenance is probably the problem. There is no alternative to proper installation and maintenance, but the following methods should help you keep the odor in check: Read More