How Porta Potties Get The Job Done

29 December 2017
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Most people who have ever gone to a large event, or went camping out in the woods, have encountered a porta potty. Porta potties are a genius invention that allow one to use the restroom without the use of water or plumbing to get rid of the waste. Although many people have used porta potties, most people don't know how they work. Portable Toilets Have Unique External Designed It is not an accident that most portable toilets look similar to one another. Read More 

Setting Up Portable Restroom Facilities For Homecoming Weekend: Three Things To Know

6 December 2017
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Whether you operate a high school or college, chances are you plan for homecoming weekend every year. Extra visitors to the game and lots of people attending the dance and after parties means you'll need to plan or personal hygiene and sanitation concerns. If your school doesn't have enough facilities to accommodate everyone in attendance, here are some tips to use for renting portable toilets. Convenient Placement You'll want to place your portable toilets near the entrance to the stadium stands. Read More 

How Your Septic Tank Cleaning Becomes Sustainability For Your Farm

10 November 2017
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With all the buzz about self-sustaining industries and sustainability, you are probably wondering how you can make your farm more self-sustaining. Actually, the answer is as close to you as your septic tank. A single septic tank cleaning/pumping can sustain your farm and farming practices for at least a couple of seasons. Here is how. Treated Waste as Crop Fertilizer There is a process whereby you can treat your own human waste in your septic tank and then use it as crop fertilizer. Read More 

Three Different Ways Hard Water May Be Affecting Your Life Without You Even Realizing It

23 October 2017
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Many homeowners make the mistake of not realizing how beneficial a water softener system could be to their home because they do not realize that their home has hard water. Hard water can cause a lot of damage and lessen your overall quality of life. The following guide walks you through a few ways that hard water may be affecting your life without you even knowing it. Cause Damage to Your Home Read More 

Tips For Maintaining A Septic System

19 September 2017
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If you are on a septic tank then you need to treat your plumbing a little bit differently then if you were connected to city sewer. A septic tank is an incredible way sewage is taken care of, but it depends on a lot of very simple maintenance. It requires a septic tank and a drain field, and both need to be taken care of in order to function properly. Here are just a few of the most important thing that you can do to maintain your septic system: Read More